Colombian consensus on vaccination in patients with chronic kidney disease
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Silva Monsalve E, Roncancio Villamil GE, Forero J, Mesa JG, Cárdenas Aguilera JG, Estévez M, Baquero Rodríguez R, Carrascal M, Beltrán Arroyave CP, Yomayusa González N, Rico Fontalvo J, Aroca G, Chacón Acevedo KR, Camacho Moreno G, López Mora MJ, Garcés Samudio CG, Cortés JA, Gutiérrez Tobar IF, Torres Hernández D, López P, Soler Romeo MJ. Colombian consensus on vaccination in patients with chronic kidney disease. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2022 Dec. 22 [cited 2024 Feb. 26];9(3). Available from:


Introduction: Patients with kidney disease are a highly complex population due to their multimorbidity conditions, cardiovascular risk, and requirement for immunosuppressive therapies. Vaccination is one of the main strategies to mitigate the risk of infections, however, the response to vaccines is affected by the loss of the quality of immune function, an effect that is greater as kidney disease progresses or the use of immunosuppressive drugs is required. Therefore, immunization practices should be encouraged in patients in earlier stages of their disease. Unfortunately, there is a wide lack of knowledge among care providers regarding the best immunization practices, additionally, in Colombia, there is no insurance coverage in the health benefit plan for many of the required vaccines.

Purpose: Generate evidence-informed recommendations on vaccination in patients with kidney disease and related special conditions.

Methodology: Based on a critical review and analysis of the evidence, the developer group formulated recommendations on the indications, contraindications and special considerations for immunization in patients with kidney disease. A group of experts in infectious diseases and nephrology were consulted about their agreement with the proposed recommendations. An agreement threshold of 80% was defined.

Results: Initially, 135 recommendations were formulated, of which 124 were approved in the virtual consultation, those that did not exceed the threshold were agreed upon in a virtual session. At the end of the process, 142 recommendations were obtained.

Conclusions: Vaccination is a highly recommended prevention strategy in patients with kidney disease, with favorable impacts on disease burden and survival. The proposed recommendations are expected to guide and standardize immunization practices in these patients and improve health outcomes for this population.
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