C3 glomerulopathy: diagnostic algorithm in pregnancy
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kidney disease
diagnostic techniques and procedures
C3 glomerulopathies

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Roselli Sanmartín C, Torres Serrano RE, Escobar Orozco C, Jara AM, Mendoza Orozco JE, Rodríguez Acosta MJ. C3 glomerulopathy: diagnostic algorithm in pregnancy. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 20 [cited 2022 May 18];9(1):e378. Available from: https://revistanefrologia.org/index.php/rcn/article/view/378


Glomerular disease involves a heterogeneous group of entities that are characterized by loss of the ar-chitecture and function of the glomerulus and this can be caused by immunity, infectious and paraneoplastic etiologies. The aforementioned can be identified in histopathological studies. The recognition ofthis entity during pregnancy represents a diagnostic challenge due to the superposition of physiological changes, the development of autoimmune diseases and / or genetic disease, among others. Clinicalmanifestations can be into specific syndromic groups; however we can find indistinguishable manifes-tations and overlapping of this. When the disease is present its common to find rapidly establishmentand unfavorable evolution about renal function. With this it’s necessary to complete studies involvingthe initial clinical approach until histopathological findings with the goal to find primary and secondarycauses. As it’s known primary glomerulonephritis is not the most frequent in pregnancy, the accuracyin the diagnosis and the proper classification allows the direct and soon management. In this case reportwe describe 2 pregnant women with primary glomerular disease with discrepancy in their diagnosis.We talk about manifestations during pregnancy, the algorithm used in the diagnosis and nally theinitial treatment and the maintenance used in these patients.

PDF (Español (España))


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