Acute kidney injury secondary to snake bite of the bothrops genus: a case report
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Snake Bite
Acute Kidney Injury

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Abuabara-Franco E, Rico-Fontalvo JE, Leal-Martínez V, Pájaro-Galvis N, Bohórquez-Rivero J, Barrios N de J, Ortega-Gaibao MF, Figueroa-Quintero M. Acute kidney injury secondary to snake bite of the bothrops genus: a case report. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 20 [cited 2022 May 18];9(1):e536. Available from:


Introduction: The ophidian accident is an intoxication caused by the inoculation of venom throughthe bite of a snake, which generates local and systemic alterations. This event represents an important public health problem in developing countries due to its high frequency and severity. Snakes of the genus Bothrops are responsible for the majority of accidents, and this is partly due to their wide geographic distribution and aggressive behavior when threatened. Acute kidney injury is an importantcause of mortality in patients with snake bites of this genus.

Purpose: To describe the case of a female patient with bothrops snakebite-induced acute kidney injury. Simultaneously, the most relevant epidemiological data of said entity, its risk factors, the possible pathophysiological mechanisms that explain its genesis, its diagnosis and clinical management are detailed. The importance of its early identification and timely treatment is highlighted.

Case presentation: We present the case of a 40-year-old female patient who was admitted to a fourth level of complexity institution due to acute kidney injury and consumption coagulopathy secondary to bothrops snakebite, with the presence of vaginal bleeding and hematuria that progressed to anuria and hematemesis; requiring transfusion of blood products and renal replacement therapy, measures with which she presented a favorable clinical evolution.

Conclusion and discussion: Acute kidney injury associated with the bite of bothrops snakes is a common and life-threatening clinical complication that should not be overlooked. The pathophysiological events responsible for this complication include immunological mechanisms, coagulation disorders, pigmenturia, direct nephrotoxicity, and the inflammatory response with systemic and renal hemodynamic effects. Knowledge of this entity is essential in order to recognize it early and establish its timely treatment in order to reduce its potentially fatal complications.
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