Telemedicine follow-up in kidney transplant patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Kidney transplantation
COVID-19 pandemic

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Garcia-Lopez A, Patino-Jaramillo N, Sanchez-Avila Y, Giron-Luque F. Telemedicine follow-up in kidney transplant patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2022 Mar. 25 [cited 2022 Jun. 25];9(1):e544. Available from:


Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic led to the restructuring of health services around the world. Teleconsultation offers access to remote health care and a mitigation strategy.

Objective:  Describe the results of a teleconsultation program in a transplant center under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Materials and methods: Descriptivecross-sectionalstudydescribingtheexperienceoftheuseofteleconsultationduringtheCOVID-19pandemicatanorgantransplantcenterinColombia.TheinformationwasobtainedbydirectlycollectingthetotalnumberofpatientstreatedduringApril2020andbysendingastructuredelectronicquestionnairetothepatientsinvolvedinthecare.

Results: A total of 1139 renal transplant patients were assessed by teleconsultation. The geographical distribution of patients in metropolitan areas and outside the metropolitan area were similar (n=575 and n=564, respectively). Of the total, 292 patients responded to the survey sent with an average age of 48 years. The patients had high satisfaction with the teleconsultation model (n=278, 94%). There were 2 suspected cases of COVID-19, which were negative when performing the PCR-RT test.

Conclusion: Teleconsultation is a useful tool in the mitigation of the health emergency, with a high potential, which generates greater access and health care opportunity, presenting high acceptance rates.
PDF (Español (España))


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