Acute kidney injury in pregnant women
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renal insufficiency
pregnant women

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Monterrosa Robles M, Rico Fontalvo J, Daza Arnedo R, Pérez Olivo J, Cardona Blanco M, Pájaro Galvis NE, Pérez Calvo C, Caparroso Ramos L, Leal Martínez V, Abuabara Franco E, Uparella Gulfo I, Mendoza García M, Correa Guerrero J. Acute kidney injury in pregnant women: Lesión renal aguda en la mujer embarazada. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2020 Nov. 10 [cited 2024 Jul. 15];8(1):e513. Available from:


Acute kidney injury in pregnant women is currently an uncommon complication, but it is correlated with worse maternal and fetal outcomes. Its causes are multiple and vary according to the quarter of presentation. Renal physiological changes during pregnancy mean that the diagnostic criteria for acute kidney injury in the general population are not easily extrapolated to obstetric patients. For this reason, early suspicion and prompt treatment is essential to avoid the progression of kidney damage and its associated systemic complications, including metabolic, uremic, and electrolyte complications.
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