Congenital nephrotic syndrome debuting with disease of minimal changes, on the case of a case
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congenital nephrotic syndrome, hypoalbuminemia, minimal change disease, edema, proteinuria.

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Guerrero Varticovsky AV, Benitez Cardoza MC, Polo Castillo A, Bolaño Cervantes M. Congenital nephrotic syndrome debuting with disease of minimal changes, on the case of a case. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2021 May 26 [cited 2024 Jul. 25];8(2):e455. Available from:


Nephrotic syndrome, is the most frequent primary glomerulopathy in Pediatrics, it is a pathology characterized by the presence of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema and hypercholesterolemia. This is a neonate with a history of prematurity and hospitalization at birth in whom, after multiple recurrent infections with torpid evolution during hospital stay and generalized edema, congenital nephrotic syndrome is suspected, obtaining positive paraclinics and renal biopsy that reports minimal change disease. Congenital nephrotic syndrome is a rare entity, however, it has high morbidity and mortality, it has various forms of clinical and histological presentation, and management is usually difficult with little response to corticosteroids. The presence of congenital nephrotic syndrome is unusual, however, it has high mortality and many subsequent sequelae, being chronic.
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