Clinical characteristic of a population of diabetics type 2 with alteration in the renal functionnon-macroalbuminuric
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Kidney disease
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Aristizabal Gómez LY, Restrepo Valencia CA, Aguirre Arango JV. Clinical characteristic of a population of diabetics type 2 with alteration in the renal functionnon-macroalbuminuric. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2017 Jul. 27 [cited 2024 Jun. 25];4(2):149-58. Available from:


Background: The  main  cause  of  impaired  renal  function  in  diabetic  patients  is diabetic  nephropathy  (ND),  but  there  are  other  causes  that  should  always  be investigated especially when they do not detect macroalbuminuria.Aims:Characterization of demographic, clinical and etiological variables found in a population  of  type  2diabetics  over  10  years  of  non-macroalbuminuric  evolution with nitrogen productselevation.

Methods: We  identified  67  patients,  in  whom  several  imaging  studies  were performed  to  obtain  an  etiological  diagnosis.  If  the  studies  were  inconclusive, percutaneous renal biopsy was performed.

Results: The  mean  age  was  73.4  years  (SD:  9.3).  Mean  creatinine  1.8  mg  /  dl, 50.75%  of  the  patients  had  normal  albuminuria  (A1)  and  49.3%  moderately increased albuminuria (A2). In 28 patients, imaging diagnoses were obtained, with hypertensive nephropathy being the main finding. A total of 58.20% (39 patients) of the  population  weresubmitted  to  renal  biopsy. ND was  detected in the 28%  of cases   (11   patients),   hypertensive   nephrosclerosis   28%   (11   patients),   mixed nephropathy (diabetic and hypertensive)18% (7 patients), 5% IgA nephropathy (2 patients).

Conclusions: Hypertensive  nephropathy  is  the  main  cause of  elevated  nitrogen products innon-macroalbuminuric type 2 diabetics. Isolated ND accounts foronly16.42% (11 patients) of the causes of this population.
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