EspañolState of the art of cardiorenal syndrome, advantages and limitations of known therapies
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Cardiorenal syndrome, decompensated heart failure, diuretic, diuretic resistance, ultrafiltration, peritoneal dialysis

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Manzur Barbur MC, Mejía-Sanjuanelo AM, Anaya-Taboada M, García-Domínguez JC, Molano- Triviño A. EspañolState of the art of cardiorenal syndrome, advantages and limitations of known therapies. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2021 Feb. 23 [cited 2024 Jul. 16];8(2):e517. Available from:


Interactions between heart and kidney disease have been classified as cardiorenal syndromes. The current classification includes five types of cardiac renal syndromes: acute heart failure leading to acute kidney failure (type 1), chronic heart failure leading to kidney failure (type 2), acute kidney injury leading to heart failure (type 3), chronic kidney disease leading to heart failure (type 4) and systemic conditions leading to heart and kidney failure (type 5) (Table 1). (1,2).

In this review, we discuss the definition, classification,  pathophysiology of cardiorenal syndrome, focusing on acute phases treatment and its recovery, exposing the evidence for diuretics and ultrafiltration in order to intervene in a timely manner, pointing out the main advantages and limitations of each of the available strategies of treatment in order to reduce the risk of clinical events, re-hospitalization and death.
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