Clinical implications of iron deficiency in heart failure, an approach to the treatment
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Arocha Rodulfo JI, Navas Blanco T, Amair M. P, Gómez Berroterán R. Clinical implications of iron deficiency in heart failure, an approach to the treatment. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2016 Jul. 11 [cited 2024 Apr. 20];3(1):26-40. Available from:


An important comorbidity recognized increasingly in patients with heart failure (HF) is iron deficiency with or without anemia.  Although iron deficiency is easily diagnosed by means of two biomarkers, (serum ferritin and transferrin saturation) it is underdiagnosed in patients with heart failure and might affect 50% of those patients. Even before the start of the anemia, physical and cognitive performance with a poor quality of life is evident in patients with heart failure HF and iron deficiency. Moreover, iron deficiency is risk factor independent of anemia, of unfavorable progression (death or heart transplant) in patients with chronic heart failure HF. Several randomized controlled studies performed by the New York Heart Association (NYHA) have shown improvement in exercise capacity and functional class; improving the quality of life after iron deficiency treatment. Several factors contribute to the development of this iron deficit, including advanced age, kidney failure, hemo-dilution, chronic inflammation and heart failure severity.  A variety of postulated mechanisms have gained great attention to explain the relationship between iron deficiency and heart failure as a therapeutic target in these patients
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