Special issue publication date

Special issue publication date

Due to the increased submission of articles to the journal, we have had to adjust our editorial schedule to publish one more issue in the year. 

This implies that the special issue on "Prevention and control of kidney disease in the context of macro-social, cultural and biological factors" will start publication from January 2023. 

In the meantime, the submission of articles for this special issue will continue until March 2023. 

We invite you to continue to participate with your articles on the topics of this special issue: 

1. Diabetes and CKD.

2. Hypertension and CKD.

3. Obesity and CKD.

4. Staging of CKD in defined regions or locations.

5. Prediction algorithms.

6. New care strategies.

7. Non-conventional risk factors.

8. CKD of unusual origin.

9. Updates on CKD in agricultural communities.

10. Use of information technology for patient care.

11. Development of Big Data programs to determine vulnerabilities, patient tracking or health policy implementation.

12. Training strategies for vulnerable populations.

13. Role of health agents in rural or indigenous populations.

14. Role of community nurses in rural or indigenous populations.

15. Patient navigator programs.

16. Successful strategies to reduce CKD.

17. Ethical aspects related to CKD.

18. Economic aspects related to CKD.

19. Palliative care in CKD patients.

20. Public policies related to CKD.